About Melquain

MJA Memorial Fund

The Melquain Jatelle Anderson Memorial Scholarship in Sociology and Emergency Fund support undergraduate students in their studies and through emergencies at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The Scholarship and Fund are in honor of the memory of Melquain Jatelle Anderson (1990-2017), a Brooklyn Knight and John Jay Student. He worked throughout his life to help young men attain their education, and was dedicated in all ways to supporting the community. Known as “Mel Like Moses” and “#Valid” to friends and family alike, Melquain touched the lives of everyone he knew. The Scholarship and Fund are part of his continued legacy.


About Melquain

Melquain Jatelle Anderson was a Brooklyn Knight born and raised in Brooklyn.  He lived in Sheepshead Bay, and spent time in Vinegar Hill (Farragut Houses) with his grandmother. He had a host of friends and family, among whom he was known as “Mel Like Moses” and “#Valid.”  At 17 years old, he started helping other young men study and pass their GED.  Melquain’s aspiration was to give back to the community because he had seen so many young men give up on school. He was also an ardent learner, and interested in sign language, Islam, and theater.

He became more committed to making change after graduating from Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3). Melquain transferred to John Jay College where he hoped to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and then attend law school. Melquain’s plan was to start a community center helping young men obtain their GEDs and attend college. Although Melquain’s life was cut short before he could fulfill his dreams of giving back to the community, his family wants his dream to live on.



The Scholarship and Emergency Fund are in honor of Melquain Anderson’s legacy. They are meant to help students struggling with academics, finances, and living through their time in college. You can apply for the Scholarship or Emergency Fund on the John Jay College website.