We regularly hold events to honor the victims of gun violence and their families, with a particular focus on fathers in the community. Here, you can see some pictures and fliers from our past events.

Blessing to the Wind
Day of Healing and Wellness Due to COVID-19 and Gun Violence
Wreath, Writing Notes to Loved Ones' Lost, Open Mic
Saturday August 14 2021
111 Gold Street Brooklyn NY 11201
and 329 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn NY in front of Fort Washington Park
The Talk: "Silence is Loud"
Children, Siblings, and Loved Ones Are Victims Too
Speaking Out on Losing a Loved One to Gun Violence
August 6 2021 at 6pm on Zoom
Meeting ID: 94280778686 Passcode: 897877
Eventbrite Link Forthcoming

We helped award eleven scholarships in Summer 2020 for children to attend a virtual summer theater camp by the Haddonfield Plays and Players. This effort helped link underserved youth to the arts. Learn more here:

In August, we held a memorial event for victims of gun violence, including Melquain. You can learn more here:

We have organized many events and programs in response to the coronavirus pandemic. You can learn more in our “community service” section.

In September, MJAF hosted a virtual “Breaking Bread” intercultural dinner, bringing together over a dozen community members from different backgrounds to have an open dialogue about social issues and education.