Community Service


In response to the coronavirus pandemic, MJAF is:

  • Distributing masks in the Brooklyn community;
  • Assisting other organizations with providing information about safety; and
  • Delivering groceries to older adults and people with disabilities; and
  • Organizing and providing testing for public housing residents in Brooklyn.

Watch our video to learn more! Learn about upcoming coronavirus response work in the Events section.

Gun Violence

We support families affected by gun violence through:

  • Emotional and financial support for families;
  • Community engagement activities for education and support; and
  • Memorial activities.

Learn more about our events through these photos. Learn about upcoming events in the Events section.

Black Men’s Read Project

In collaboration with the fraternity Grove & Grove, we will work with young men from the Crossroads Juvenile Detention Center to come together and openly discuss meaningful topics related to novels ( by minority authors), as well as aspects of members own lives, in addition to appealing to a diverse range of minority readers and thinkers. Our vision is to challenge, confront, collapse and analyze stereotypes by creating a dynamic where we generate, produce, and construct the narrative and give back to our community while doing so.

Disrupting the Hate: Mural Project

Disrupting The Hate: Mural Project is an artistic program that teaches youth how to
channel their emotions via the arts.
Much like MJAF, the mission behind this program is to recondition negative
thinking by providing positive educational experiences, ultimately leading to a
greater road of opportunities. During this project, youth will learn about the proper
uses of colors and art tools such as oil based paints, spray paint, and acrylics.
Each session will include teachable moments connecting disruption of gun violence
and living with trauma, allowing participants to walk away with a greater
perspective on how to channel their emotions or past trauma via the arts.


We are collaborating with our community partners, local educational institutions, and local politicians on several projects:

  • Offering GED completion courses for community members;
  • Initiating a reading initiative for young Black men;
  • Providing books by authors of color to young men in Juvenile Detention Centers;
  • Providing community college tours and application assistance to formally incarcerated youth.

We are currently initiating this project; please contact us to learn more.