Legislative Activity

In recent years, MJAF has engaged in legislative activity and political advocacy for laws that support victims and survivors of gun violence and their families, and to push for safer communities for everyone. MJAF has worked on efforts at the City, State, and Federal levels.

An African-American woman in a red jacket presenting at a screen at a table. The screen displays the MJAF logo and pictures of Melquain.
MJAF presenting on its work at a White House/EOP event on addressing the effects of gun violence and supporting victims’ families, alongside other organizations

MJAF is taking part in the following legislative activity:

  • MJAF is among the organizations advocating for the Fair Access To Victim Compensation Act (S214/A2105) in the New York State Legislature. This bill would improve access to victim compensation funds for victims and survivors of crime and their families, and not require a mandatory police report. MJAF spoke in support of the legislation in Albany at the Legislature in 2022 and in February 2023.
  • MJAF advocated for the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act of 2022 and attended the bill signing ceremony in July 2022 at the White House. This bill provides additional protections against gun violence and for communities across the nation.
    • MJAF also presented on its work, along with other organizations, to federal officials in September at the White House as part of a collaborative effort in support of the Act.
  • MJAF is working with state legislators in Albany to promote Melquain Jatelle Anderson’s (Mel’s) Law (A04942/S05355), which would award posthumous degrees to victims of gun violence who were students at CUNY and SUNY schools. The bill was published and introduced in February 2023.
  • On May 22, MJAF will take a joint trip to Albany to meet with legislators and advocate for Mel’s law. Contact us if you want to join in or need help coming to Albany with us.
One pager on Mel's law from the office of Assemblymember Forrest (District 57), calling on support for Mel's LAw and outlining the law and leading causes of death for students