Media and Gallery

Melquain2You can learn about our work and about Melquain from this documentary.

Click here to see the News 12 video about the Melquain Memorial Fund.

If you couldn’t make it to our fundraiser, please check out the event pamphlet and presentation.

Learn more about our activities in 2019.

Click here to see the slideshow from our second annual gala.

Watch our Board Member Xenia Barnes meet with Regina Queen on the Regina Queen show here.

Our founder, Michelle Barnes-Anderson, has published a book called The Sky Has Caring Eyes, a way to discuss death with small children. Proceeds will directly benefit MJAF. Buy the book here: .

Here are photos and flyers from some of our events in 2022.

On January 8, 2022, we displayed this advertisement in Times Square to honor our scholarship recipients.

"Congratulations MJAF 2021 scholarship recipients" with portraits and MJAF logo.

Every year, MJAF closes out the old year and brings in the new year by providing families and seniors groceries.  This year we were able to provide $125 Trader Joe’s gift cards to families and seniors across Brooklyn  from Farragut Houses, Kingsborough, Bed-Stuy, and Brownsville to ensure they have groceries when the bell rings in the New Year. MJAF would like to give a special thanks to Not Another Child (NAC) and the 84th Precinct for their support to helping us reach more families and seniors this year.

Here are photos from our 2021 Thanksgiving efforts to bring turkeys to older alduts and people with disabilities who are at home.

Here are photos from our 2021 Honoree and Scholarship Cocktail Dinner.

Here are images from our 2021 Remembrance Object Collection.

Here is our 2020 documentary, Maeaan Nashfaa: Together We Heal.

Here is our video from our Still a Mother event (pictures below):

Watch our young toddlers’ message on safety during CoVID-19:

Here is the slideshow from our 2020 Gala, which was held virtually:

Here is a gallery of various events we held virtually and in-person in 2020 (text descriptions available on request):

Here are some photos from our 2019 event, Disrupting the Hate:

Here is a gallery of some of our events, including “Blessing to the Wind” and “Always a Mother,” in 2021. Text descriptions available upon request.